Seniors For Kids Society - Contact Information

Lynn Noble – Program Coordinator
Phone: 403-861-4558

Fundraising Coordinator
Leigh Anne Johnston: 403-932-5838

Nadine Eichinger: 403-932-2433
Susan Price: 403-932-4922
Leigh Anne Johnston: 403-932-4457
Lynn Noble: 403-932-5443

Bow Valley High School:
Phone: 403-932-9005

Elizabeth Barrett School:
Phone: 403-932-3151

Holy Spirit School:
Phone: 403-932-2433

Manachaban Middle School:
Phone: 403-932-2215

Mitford Middle School:
Phone: 403-932-4457

St. Timothy High School
Phone: 403-500-2106

Westbrook School:
Phone: 403-932-5443

"Grandparents and Grandchildren are joined by the heart."